Benefits of Tablets, Chromebooks, and Laptops in Schools

Many schools loan students a tablet, Chromebook, or laptop to assist them in their school work for the school year. These devices can benefit students, teachers, administrators, and the school.

Paper Reduction in the Classroom

Tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops help schools go green. Students are able to complete and turn in assignments online rather than having to print it out and turn in a paper copy. When teachers receive assignments electronically, they can stay more organized and they don’t have to take a chance of losing any papers. Students can also take tests and quizzes online and the amount of paper in the classroom is greatly reduced.

Greater Amount of Resources for Students

Providing technology to students gives them access to more resources than they would typically have. There are so many different programs and software that can be installed on devices to help students research and expand their knowledge. These devices also provide students with a way to access the internet when they need to do research or look something up.

Portable and Convenient

Teachers can equip their classrooms with tablet charging carts so students will always have a way to charge their devices. Since tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops are portable, you can expect students to leave their chargers behind at times. These devices being portable makes it convenient for students to do their school work anywhere.

tablet charging carts

Not All Homes Have Computers

Not all students have computers and internet access at their homes. By being issued a tablet, Chromebook, or laptop by the school, students are able to use technology without their parents having to purchase it for at home. Students can complete online assignments outside of school hours. If there is no Wi-Fi connection at home, students can simply visit public libraries or other public establishments that offer Wi-Fi.