Different Types of Benign Tumors Based on Their Location

Benign tumors can grow on any part of the body. Based on the location of growth, benign tumors can be divided into several types. Each type of benign tumor has different characteristics and different ways of handling. Every tissue and organ of the human body is composed of cells that can divide and grow according to their needs. When normal cells in the body become old and die, these cells will be replaced with new ones. To know more about it, you can see fibroids miracle.

However, sometimes these old cells actually develop and grow uncontrollably, causing abnormal tissue or lumps called tumors. Unlike cancer, benign tumors generally do not invade tissue and do not spread to other parts of the body. In general, benign tumors are harmless and tend to grow slowly. However, there are also benign tumor cells that can grow rapidly. These benign tumors grow to a large enough size and disrupt the surrounding tissue, such as blood vessels, nerves, or certain organs, such as the brain and lungs. If this is the case, benign tumors need to be treated, either with drugs such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery.

Based on its location, benign tumors can be classified into several types, namely:

Fibroids or fibromas grow in fibrous tissue or connective tissue in certain organs or body parts. Although not dangerous, uterine fibroids can grow large enough and cause complaints in the form of heavy vaginal bleeding, frequent urination, pelvic pain, and fertility problems.

Nevi are benign tumors that appear on the skin. This benign tumor is more commonly known as a mole. On the skin, these benign tumors can appear as brown, black, or pink patches. You need to be careful if a new mole appears that quickly grows, expands, has an uneven shape, or causes complaints, such as sores, itching, or bleeding frequently. Such a mole may indicate melanoma skin cancer.

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