Four Cyber-Security Tips for Small Business Owners

Running a small business used to mean managing a modest staff and attracting local business. Now it has a whole new meaning.

There are positives for small businesses thanks to technology. They are able to attract customers from around the world, while it helps to level the playing field with larger companies.

But the advance of tech also means a massive headache: cyber-attacks. Small businesses are more vulnerable than ever to such attacks. It is why seeking cyber security consulting services is so important.

Here are four cyber-security tips that will help small business owners combat this threat:

1. Safeguard Networks

Firewalls and proper data encryption are vital to ensuring a business network is not easily compromised. While Wi-Fi passwords offer some protection, it is best to hide a network so that it is only visible to those who are working at the company.

2. Establish Security Practices

Employees should know what is expected of them with respect to securing information and sensitive data. There should be clear policies in place for the entering, handling and sharing of sensitive company data, along with personally identifiable information.

3. Require Strong Passwords

cyber security consulting services

It is remarkable how many companies are attacked through brute password cracks. Employees should be educated on what makes a strong password. Two-factor authorization, which can be achieved through mobile codes or physical keys, is also an important step companies can take to secure login to the company network.

4. Control Physical Access

Access to company workstations, servers, laptops and tablets should be monitored. Only authorized personnel should be allowed to use workstations, access to servers should be very limited and portable devices should be locked away when not in use.

By following these four steps and consulting with a cyber-security professional, small businesses can ensure they are taking the necessary precautions to guard against cyber-attacks.