Some Of The Top Reasons To Visit Portland, Oregon

One of the world’s great cities for beer, quirkiness, cheap food, funky neighborhoods, jungle hikes, and more, Portland is the kind of city you go to for two days and then move on. As endlessly entertaining and curious as to the information at, it’s easy to walk and explore by bike, and most locals will tell you the rain is just a bonus. We’ve selected some of your reasons for vacationing to Portland if you already have plans for a vacation to the United States.

Beer, beautiful beer
Portland is home to about 70 breweries (over a hundred in the greater metro area), and they don’t spin a bland lager. Instead, a wide and funky variety of beers are matched by a wide and funky variety of breweries. You can sample the Western-style sour beer sampler at Cascade Brewing, have a good Spectra pilsner at the industrial-style Ecliptic, or try a fun IPA at the Hopworks Urban Brewery, which nailed two local priorities by serving organic beer and having a very pro-bike theme. . Even better are pure neighborhood bars, like LaurelThirst, where you can try a variety of local beers.

Pedal Strength
Drivers in Portland often think that the city puts the bike first, and they are right. The streets with wide bike paths and green “bike boxes” at the city’s criss-cross intersections, and the lack of large hills make it easy for people of all ages to walk around them. You can join the growing world of cycling by renting a bike at Everybody Bike Rentals and Tours.

Food cart
In a city known for its food, you can find some of Portland’s most inventive chefs huddled in the parking lot, preparing magical meals on food carts that range from old vacation trailers to the barn where you store your lawnmower. Some faves: super-sized gyros at Aybla with a few places around town, Chinese street food at Bing Mi, kimchi quesadillas, and bulgogi burritos at Koi Fusion and the perfect post-music-club poutine at Potato Champion.

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