Factors That Determine Carpet Prices

Carpet is a type of floor decoration that is very suitable, especially in a bright room. In maintenance, the carpet is not easy and not too difficult either. If we are still hesitant to clean the carpet ourselves at home, we can use the services of Carpet Cleaning San Jose. Varied carpet prices are also one of the reasons why there are not many carpet fans. Variations in carpet prices available in the market are determined by various things. For that, you need to understand what factors determine the price of a carpet in the market.

1. Type
One of the determining factors is the type. Types of rugs have various prices. Pricing is not based on size and material alone. The tapestry can have a very high price, judging from the uniqueness of the motif and manufacture. The rug is indeed a type of carpet that can be said to be luxurious for certain types. Not a few people buy rugs just for collection or to show off luxury.

2. Production duration
Another reason rugs can be expensive is that some types of rugs are made by craftsmen and can take a long time to work. In contrast to the type of tile, for example, which is generally made at the factory. Rolled carpet in general has a relatively cheap price when calculated per meter. However, this carpet must of course be purchased in a large size so that it can cover the entire room.

3. Material
Apart from the type of carpet, the price can also be determined from the material. The materials commonly used to make carpets are nylon, polypropylene, wool, wool blends, polyester, and acrylic. Wool is a material that has an expensive price. Wool carpets are synonymous with luxury. Apart from being luxurious, wool rugs are also the most comfortable. Under wool, nylon is a material that has an advantage in terms of quality, but at the same time has a directly proportional price. Nylon excels in durability and water resistance.

4. Size
Another way to determine the price of a carpet is by its size. Although sometimes size is not always the benchmark. For example, a smaller rug does not mean it has a lower price. For this type of carpet, other qualities do need to be considered. For rolled rugs, size is an important factor. If you buy a rolled rug in a small size, then the fall can be more expensive.