5 Unforgettable Moments For Naruto Fans

Who doesn’t know Naruto? This ninja anime character has many fans around the world. Not only displaying ninja moves with interesting sentences, but Naruto also amazed fans with his struggle to become Hokage for his village. Each arc has its own story in helping the development of Naruto’s power. If you want to try to start watching Naruto anime, you can see some of the following trailers https://elysian-anime.net/tag/best-anime-moments-of-all-time/. There are moments in Naruto that make fans goosebump and even scream “Wow”.

1. Madara appears on the battlefield
After a long time, we thought that Tobi was Madara, not Obito, we were very surprised that Edo Tensei Madara came out on the battlefield which immediately changed the course of the battlefield.

2. Sasuke vs Itachi
After having a very big grudge against Itachi for killing the entire Uchiha clan including their father & mother, the feeling of wanting to kill Sasuke against Itachi was unstoppable. Finally, the fight between the two of them was very emotional and dramatic which ended in Sasuke’s victory and caused Itachi to die.

3. Pain vs Naruto
The duel caused all of Konoha to be destroyed because Naruto couldn’t control the Kyubi because he was carried away by emotion and the Kyubi’s chakra came out which formed the 8 Tails. And also previously Pain had defeated Jiraya and destroyed the entire village of Konoha because that Naruto had great anger towards Pain.

4. Jiraya’s Death
Jiraya decided to investigate the movements of the Akatsuki member Pain, who was Jiraya’s student along with Nagato and Konan. Jiraya finally met Pain in the rain village and after talking they fought. Because Pain’s strength was too great for this Sanin legend, Jiraya was killed with Pain’s iron stuck all over his body. But Jiraya didn’t die in vain because he gave the code on the frog’s back to Naruto to defeat Pain.

5. Guy vs Madara
This is the best moment in Naruto because seeing the situation where Kakashi and Naruto are already down, Guy decides to open the 8th Gate with the Hachimon Tonko no Jin Jutsu which can kill the user. Guy is willing to die to defeat Madara. This is very difficult for Madara because Guy’s strength equals Hasirama, Madara’s mortal enemy. Even though Madara acknowledged Guy’s strength and said that this fight made him excited, Guy suffered defeat and caused Guy to die. But Guy didn’t die because, in Naruto Gaiden, Guy in a wheelchair was seen talking to Kakashi.