The Development of Modern Marketing Strategy

Speaking of modern marketing strategies, currently, there have been major changes in the business world. Media promotion is one of the things that has undergone a drastic change. The closer the virtual world to our daily lives, making the digitalization era we cannot avoid. When you know the development and change of marketing from Dan Hollings The Plan in general, it can be easier for you to make the right marketing decision.

Inevitably we must follow this development if we want to win the market. If we do not follow the development of existing technology, surely we will slowly erode. Like it or not, the trend of marketing using digital media must indeed be faced. With the change in information search and also events to communicate with other people, of course, the marketing strategy also changes. If we can understand the current trend and be able to use it, then we will be able to win the market easily. With the trend that we have understood before, we can feel how the most modern marketing strategies to use. There are a number of changes to the marketing strategy that are happening now.

1. Changes in Consumer Habits
Previously putting advertisements in print and electronic media was very influential on the sale of a product. At that time, television and print media like newspapers were sources of information they could get. So there are still many people who see television or newspapers. Then what about the current conditions? As technology developments in cyberspace are supported by increasingly sophisticated gadgets, the behavior of these people also changes.

2. Online Media Starts to Dominate
Along with the changing behavior of people who rely on information from cyberspace, the marketing strategies on the internet are starting to develop. At the beginning of the popularity of the use of the internet as a media for promotion, namely in 2007, online media could not defeat the ads that were in electronic media and print media. In 2012, major changes took place. in 2012, for the first time in the United States, advertisements in cyberspace were able to bring in far more profits than advertisements posted in print and electronic media.

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